By Laurie Lax and Lucila Mayol

Archaeological Fiction: Sagfjordbotn is an Interactive Fiction (a genre of electronic literature), created and developed by Laurie Lax and Lucila Mayol. The work invites visitors to virtually experience the sounds and stories from a remarkably remote and vacated fjord in Nordland: Sagfjordbotn. As reflected in the pathways within the narrative; the fjord seems secluded and quiet at first, but the more one interacts, the more will be unveiled.

Sagfjordbotn, which was once a thriving village, is now a second home region, only accessible by private boat. Through a process that could be compared to ‘planned obsolescence’, the infrastructures that support the village are gradually being dismantled. The situation lies at a poignant intersection, that asks: how does the landscape shape the people and how do people shape the landscape? Using spatial field recordings and interactive text, the non-linear narrative of Archaeological Fiction: Sagfjordbotn moves the reader through the landscape as an imaginary space. The exhibition is based on the artists’ experiences of Sagfjordbotn, combining gossip and oral histories with nature writing and archival research.

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