Archaeological Fiction: Sagfjordbotn invites you to experience sounds and stories from a remote fjord in Nordland. As reflected in the pathways within the narrative, the fjord seems secluded and quiet at first but the more you interact, the more will be unveiled. The soundtrack enables you to spatially locate yourself by listening. 

The narrative is based on experiences of the fjord, combining gossip and oral histories with nature writing and archival research.

If you have feedback or encounter any bugs that you would like to report, please contact: archaeologicalfiction@gmail.com


Written and produced by Laurie Lax and Lucila Mayol.
Programming by Lucila Mayol.
Sound by Laurie Lax.
Web design by Floriane Grosset

Supported by:

Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts
Bergen Kommune
Hordaland Kunstsenter
Kilpper Projects
Nordic Culture Point

Special thanks to: 

Anders Fossøy
Audrey Hurd
Benjamin, Ellisiv, Haugne and Kristian Andersen Olsen
BIT Teatergarasjen
Brith and Peder Pedersen
Dagmar Egelkraut
Digital Culture at the University of Bergen
Franziska Böhmer
Jeremy Welsh
Julie Grovassbakk
Konrad Kristiansen
Lars Ove Toft

Mari Nordahl
Mathijs Van Geest
Maud Ceuterick
Nordland Arkiv
Peter M.J. Gross
Robert Carter
Robin Everett
Sagfjordbotn community
Scott Rettberg
Snorre Solberg
Stéphane F.
Stig Larsen
Thomas Kilpper
Tor Grovassbakk