Welcome to Archaeological Fiction: Sagfjordbotn

You are entering the imaginary space of Sagfjordbotn and you are the main character. Interactive Fiction allows you to type natural language commands to uncover the narrative. If you want to know more about the creators of the game, type ABOUT.


The on-screen hints provide visual help through the text. For example:
North: The directions available in your location are written in italics and capitalised.
Tree: Most of the things that you can interact with are highlighted using bold, but some aren’t.

To turn the hint system on or off, you can type “Hints on” or “Hints off” at any point.

The Map

To move around the map, type the compass directions: Go North, South, East, West, as well as Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest. You can abbreviate these with N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE, SW.
Other directional commands include in, out, up or u, and down or d.


To uncover more details in the text, type commands. The commands are used by typing a verb (an action), and sometimes a verb followed by a noun(an object).
The most useful and widely used commands include:
Examine, abbreviated as x
Look, abbreviated as l
Wait, abbreviated as z
Some commands require the combination of an action with a single object, for example “examine tree”. Try experimenting with other actions too.
For example: go up, go in, look, examine tree, open door, etc.


Some other useful commands that you can type are:
MAP shows you the map on the screen
SAVE saves your progress so far
RESTORE allows you to recover saved files
RESTART takes you back to the beginning, losing all your progress
UNDO allows you to undo up to five previous moves
DISABLE HELP NOTICE removes the line that says “Remember, you can type help if you need assistance”
HINTS OFF removes the hint system in the game that uses bold highlighting for objects and things worth to look at, and italic highlighting for the directions in which you can go.